About us

Born in this wonderful city, Carioca da Gema is naturally privileged and has a very rich cultural tradition. As a result of a great mixture of races, and a multitude of cultural influences, was born two of the strongest musical expressions: The “ samba “ and the “ choro”. Since the year of 2000 the Musical Cafe Carioca da Gema offers the best of the Brazilian popular music through these two cariocas traditional genres. Recognized by awards of achievement because of our exclusive music programming, artistic originality, and innovation in the field of gastronomy. Over time it has been highlighted by the best attributes of the spirit of Rio,through the performance of their best artists, musicians,performers and singers. A special meeting of pleasure and quality, environment,service, music and cuisine. With the best artists and musicians; the coldest beer, the best samba, and a large audience around our carioca popular culture.Located in the historic district of Lapa, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, the Carioca da Gema was pioneer in occupying old houses in the neighborhood, to present what is best in the popular music scene.

The climate of friendship and camaraderie among customers, employees and musicians, reminds us of the atmosphere of the famous samba circles made by friends and neighbors in the backyards of Rio’s suburbs or in the old pubs here at Lapa.
Occupying a two-storey mansion, the house combines samba, one of the most genuine Brazilian rhythms, the delicious national cuisine and features from traditional snacks to pub to more elaborate dishes ideal to accompany a good chat.